Let go and jump in!


At rest on the sea

When you come across gulls, or other birds, floating on the sea stop and watch them for a while.


You should consider yourself particularly lucky, by the way, if you encounter eider ducks. They make such an appreciative audience. Tell them the most banal or stupid fact and they can be relied upon to reply with an impressed, “Oooooh!” On those occasions when I’m feeling sorry for myself, I often seek out the company of eider ducks.


"If you smear butter on the paws of a ginger tom and lift it to waist height before letting it go, it will, sooner or later, reach the ground."




"'Poker Face', by Lady Gaga, is not the national anthem of at least fifteen European countries."




"If every human on Earth jumped at the same time, some of them on landing would hurt themselves. . . probably."




Anyway, watch the birds, regardless of whether they are eiders or mere gulls. See how peacefully they rest on the water’s surface.  The sea rises. The sea falls. The birds do not look elated when the sea rises, nor do they look disconsolate when the sea falls. Whether up or down they are simply at rest on the sea.

bird on water

Not an eider duck. Could be a tough audience.