Let go and jump in!



Beach art

This exercise will take a few hours. It is best done on a warm, sunny, lazy summer’s day on a sandy beach.


When the tide is out, draw a picture on the sand representing something lovely in your life. Also draw a picture of something unlovely in your life. Make sure both drawings are well below the high water line.


Now have a swim. Then get dressed and warm up with a walk along the beach. Poke about in the rock pools if there are any. Then have a picnic in the dunes, followed by a doze in the sun. (I'm dreaming here, of course. In reality it will have been raining and cold and you will have rushed back to the car, and then home, after your swim!)


By the time you wake up (or return another day) the tide will have come in and retreated again. Your two pictures, one of a lovely thing and one of an unlovely thing, will have vanished. The sand from which they were made will still be there, rearranged, but not the pictures. This happens to all things.


Look at the sand where your pictures were. Are the markings on the sand beautiful? Are there interesting pebbles or shells?


Appreciate all the fleeting things in your life while you have them and let go of them when they are gone. Discover what is there now.    

Ben draws in sand