Let go and jump in!




Take a walk along the river’s edge. When you reach a place where the water is doing something unusual – a swirling eddy, a standing wave or other turbulence – stop and watch.


Consider why the water is behaving as it is. Is it motivated by rebelliousness, joyful exuberance or an obstinate refusal to conform? Of course not! The water is simply behaving as it must. Perhaps a boulder on the river bed is deflecting the water upwards. Perhaps irregularities in the river bank are interfering with the water’s passage.


The water’s behaviour is the product of its environment. We too are very much like that.


We may have some measure of free will - much less than we’d like to think, I suspect - but we too are products of our environment. We are the result of all the events that have happened to us (and to those who came before us), all the people we have met, all the books we have read, all the TV programmes we have watched.


How then can we let blame find a home in our hearts? Not only does harbouring blame create ill will between individuals and destroy inner peace, it is also based on a wrong perception.