Let go and jump in!


Clearing the mind

Fill a clear glass jar with water. If the water is already perfectly clear scoop a little sediment into it. Look into the murky water. When the sediment begins to settle give the jar a good shake. Repeat the shaking every time the water begins to clear. Every time you shake the jar the water becomes more cloudy again.


Now set the jar down and just leave it alone. After a few minutes have elapsed, carefully, without disturbing the sediment, look at the jar again. The water will be completely clear and you can look right through it to what is beyond.


There is a time for thinking and there is a time for allowing the mind to settle so that clarity may arise.


We have all had the experience of bumping into an aquaintance and not being able to remember their name. All through the awkward conversation we wrestle with our mind in the hope of dredging the name into our consciousness. Hours later, perhaps when preparing a meal or watching TV, the name re-emerges unbidden. Sometimes, the only way to answer a question is to take our mind off it.


One of the benefits of developing a regular meditation practice comes from training our minds to settle. Who knows what clarity may arise!


Emma clear water