Let go and jump in!


Mindful walking

Start a few metres from the water's edge. Fill a cup or glass to the brim with water. Now walk, carrying it, to the water's edge. Do this in bare feet, if you can. Take care not to spill a drop! When you reach the water's edge, pour the contents of your cup into the water.


As you walked you will have been sharply aware of two things: the water in your hands; and the uneven ground beneath your feet.


How do you walk through life?


Are you fearful of moving forward, scared of getting hurt or of spilling what you're holding?


Do you charge along, largely unaware of the things and people around you and of what you are holding?


I think each of us carries something of value that we can give to the world. Can we learn to carry and offer it carefully yet fearlessly?

carrying water