Let go and jump in!


Rock or water

This is a contemplation for somewhere with still water, a seaside rockpool or a sheltered lough perhaps. You will need a hammer.


How do you view yourself? Do you have a clearly-defined, and possibly rigid, idea of who and what you are? Or do you have a more fluid view of yourself, aware that all the physical and non-physical things that make you are merely borrowed from the universe and are in constant flux.


Find a rock and hit it with your hammer (taking care to protect your eyes). Having broken the rock into two or more pieces sit down and watch the pieces until they come back together. . . or until you feel foolish.


Now hit the water and watch what happens. A splash, ripples, then wholeness and peace are restored. The water absorbs the hammer's assault without lasting injury. Not so the stone.


A person who is like the stone, striving to maintain a hard and brittle view of self, will always feel under threat. One who is like the water will better sustain a sense of confidence and peace.