Let go and jump in!


You and the river

For reasons about to become apparent, not only should you only do this contemplation in the very cleanest of rivers, you also should never do it with your friends downstream from you!


The Shimna, in the Mourne Mountains, would be perfect for this contemplation.


Look at the river and consider the water’s journey. Rain falls on the mountains and converges on the river. After it leaves your sight the water will join the sea. But the water’s journey is cyclical; it has no beginning and no end.


Now think about your body. Water accounts for about sixty percent of your body. There are tens of thousands of kilometres of blood vessels inside you. You are a delta!


Now enter the river. You are in the river and rivers are in you. Float a little and feel the river carry you along a little way. Take a small sip of river water. Now the river is in you. Urinate. Now you are in the river in a new way.


Bow to the river. When you bow to the river you bow to yourself.


When you show respect and compassion to another you show respect and compassion to yourself.

river in me 1